What day is it?

Not craft related at all … just a moan really. I’m not sure whether any of you have noticed I have been tending to post in the silly hours of the morning. Mainly due to children not sleeping, it’s been 3 nights in a row now and I’m beginning to loose the plot! Not that I had it anyway, but hey I can pretend can’t I?

So once the older two have gone to school it’s going to be a tidy-the-house day which normally starts with my office, (I say “office”, it’s a corner of my bedroom where I can keep my things out of reach of tiny hands) which can take all day. My yarn stash desperately need sorting and have to find some more nice yarns for making these decorations. (Below).

We are having a handmade theme to Christmas this year, as the twins are in playgroup twice a week, they will be bringing decorations home as well as the older too.

So I aso need to find enough paper suitable for wrapping present, so I can get the kids decorating wrapping paper.

Busy busy busy!! I bet all I end up doing is prising the twins apart at regular intervals!


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