Free Knitting Pattern for a hat.

My husband has lost his hat! Every time he’s come home from work for the past week he has asked if it’s turned up…I bet it’s still at the pub!
So, failing being able to find another he liked, I thought I’d knit o
ne for him.
Now, I don’t know about you, but I am terrified of circular needles and DPNs, I’m sure I’ll get round to learning how to knit confidently with them one day, but when a hat is needed fast, it had to be straight needles.

This one is for a man, I would say, medium size.


1 pair of 51/2 straight needles (see conversion chart for US / EU sizes)
2 50g balls of Machine Washable Aran
darning needle.


(I knit quite loosely so you may need a slightly smaller needle if you knit tightly, or a larger needle if you knit even looser than me)
10sts and 15 rows to 10x10cm

To Knit

Using both yarns together, cast on 50sts Knit in 2×2 rib
1st row : K2, *P2, K2. rep from * to end

2nd row : P2 * K2, P2. rep from * to end

continue with these 2 rows until work measures 20cm,
ending on a WS row

Next row: Knit

Next row: Purl

Continue in stocking stitch for a further 4 rows.

Decrease row: K3, K2tog, to end (40sts)

Next row (and foll. alt. rows): Purl
Next row:K2, K2tog, to end (30sts)

Next row: K1, K2tog, to end (20 sts)
Next row: K2 tog to end (10 sts) (do not purl after this row)
with the darning needle, thread yarn through the remaining 10 sts and pull together.

Sew seam.

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