Happy New Year To You All!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

It was chaos here, as it would be with a house full of kids, and no room to swing a cat, but a great time was had by all.

I managed to get the Santa hat for Gabby, scarf for my sister and the hat and scarf set finished for my eldest’s best friend, but that was it (I forgot to take photo of it before wrapping it up, but it was made in snowflake yarn with stripes in shades of pink and white and a lacy edging).

My middle son came down with chicken pox which meant I couldn’t leave the house for a while, which should have meant that I’d get more done but cabin fever got the better of me and I lost interest in knitting.

My eldest had loads of crafty presents so we spent time playing with those! Now that my youngest son has chicken pox, I’m going to get back to knitting now I’ve had a break!
Just his twin sister to go now and we’ all be chicken poxed out.

My cousin popped round with the twins Christmas decorations they had made in paygroup. Apparently Mavis made them all, Ollie wasn’t at all interested.

The picture in the middle was drawn by Yorkshire artist Mike Dean.

Happy New Year!


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