new project

I’ve finally started Vinnie’s cricket jumper. After painstakingly searching through all my patterns, I had resigned myself to writing one and today I found one. I’m just not in the mood at the minute for writing patterns, not that a cricket jumper is rocket science, it just saves time not having to.

This one is in “Essentials – Children’s Knits” I have had the book since Jasmine was born and never looked at it, much like many of the patterns I have. There are quite a few nice ones in there.

I’m using a 100% acrylic, with it being for a 2 year old! It’s Sheena Anne’s Luxury (LOL) Aran, in Cream. It’s washable and that’s the main thing, and doesn’t feel too bad when knitting up.

I need another project on the go so I can keep my interest going in this one. Anyone else do that or am I weird?

hmmmmmm, back to the patterns……


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