I have joined Stashalong and have given myself goals in getting stuff finished.
I have compiled a list of items I want to finish, during this time I am not to buy anymore new yarn! arrrggghhh!

1: Big J’s Jumper which is inspired by “Jamesey” from Knitty
Knitted in “Stylecraft” Machine washable Aran with Wool (Acrylic 80% Wool 20%) in green.

2: Vinnie’s Cricket Jumper, want to have this finished by the end of the month.

3: The Heirloom throw, I want to get at least 1 square done a week.

4: Mavis’ Coat, which I shall knit in the purple boucle I have in my Stash. (link to pattern on right)

5: Ollie’s Jacket which I am going to knit in “Stylecraft” Machine Washable Aran with Wool in colour “New Denim” which is also in my stash. (link to pattern on right)


2 thoughts on “Stashalong

  1. Good luck! You’ve got a good range of projects so hopefully won’t get too bored?
    I love the throw – looking forward to seeing your work in progress. And lucky you living in Pembrokeshire – my ambition is to live there one day!

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