YAY! One down…

…several to go, but still I have a finished project woohoo!

Vinnie’s Cricket Jumper is finished and ready to send to the little man.

and Big J’s jumper is on the needles, but going slowly. It is inspired by “Jamesey” on Knitty, the same rib, but with a few extra stitches so I can put a cable in it.

Next, cast on for Mavis’ Coat.


4 thoughts on “YAY! One down…

  1. How beautiful this sweater is! I bet you are very proud of it, right? Nice going. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us on stashalong…Today, I am tackling an unfinished kimono that I would love to finish and actually WEAR while the weather is cold.

  2. Ah, cables. I love ’em. That’s a beautiful little sweater, made from ‘string’ with love šŸ™‚
    Knitwear designer… it must be nice to have the confidence that experience has given you!

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