slow progress,

…but progress at least. I need to learn to not have serious knitting binges, but to work steadily.
After finishing Vinnie’s jumper I have suffered quite a bit of pain in my left hand, the right hand isn’t too bad. I have always suffered pain after knitting, I don’t think it’s anything serious, just RSI or something and this cold weather doesn’t help, so my knitting has been on a bit of a slow-go.
Big J’s jumper has grown at least 2″ but at least he’ll get it this year! My mantra is “No finish, no yarn!” and that keeps me going.
I was very tempted yesterday though. I had £15 in paypal…but I did the right thing and bought some goodies for making “Gabby’s Christening dress” no rush for that one yet.
Mavis’ coat is coming on, I’m half way through the hood and only have the sleeves to go. I’m going on a hunt for buttons tomorrow, that’s nearly as exciting as buying yarn!
Sadly there are no pics as my camera battery is re-charging.

See you soon


One thought on “slow progress,

  1. Thanks for such nice comments on my tam. I think working Fair Isle will probably not increase your hand pain, because hand movement is more varied.



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