#2 FO…

…nearly finished,

well actually #3, I made a pair of mittens for a friend’s son, but forgot to take a pic!

This one has knitted up really quickly with using 2 strands of yarn, both are unlabled and have had the boucle for years.

I think I picked it up in a charity shop, 3 nearly 100g balls (no labels on then) acrylic and cotton. I just loved the big slubs of purple with tiny slivers of yellow, red, pink, green and blue, you can’t see it in the photo of the cardigan, but in the flesh there is a faint stripe happening. The other yarn is definately an acrylic, an Aran weight I think.
I’m going to trawl the charity shops today and look for some great big buttons or toggles, either purple or dark pink.

I have joined Fair Isle February today. I haven’t done any colour work for ages, not only is this a good way to reduce my stash some more, especially the piddly bits, I might take this opportunity to design something myself, which is another thing I haven’t done in a while either…Oh, let’s go the whole hog and knit something for my eldest daughter, who hasn’t had anything knitted for her in 3 yrs.

Oh, does anyone know how to add a link to buttons? Such as the Stashalong and Project Spectrum ones I have…been trying to work it out for ages and I can’t do it!!


2 thoughts on “#2 FO…

  1. Sure, you go into the template and add an a href-tag (which is closed with an /a) around the img-tag for each picture. I haven’t included the < and the > that you’ll have to put around the a href and /a, because that would have made them invisible in the comment. Then you make the a href equal to the link you want to put in there, i.e. a href=http://lollygirl.com/blog/?p=387 for example. The important thing is that you remember to close the tags, otherwise you’ll end up with a blog that is one big link. You may also want to add a border=0 to the img-tag, if you want to avoid a link border around the buttons. Hope this makes sense. šŸ™‚

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