Fair Isle

After signing up for Fair Isle February I started panicking, even more so after seeing some of the most beautiful work going on in there…you must go and see!

Only in my dreams could I hope to have the patience to knit like that. I own several Kaffe Fassett and Alice Starmore books and all I do is sit and stroke the pretty pictures, one day eh?

Anyway I thought, “well you’ve done it now, best get on with it”, found some pretty colours and sorted out a pattern and did just that…

I’m quite pleased with it so far, though whilst using four colours for the circles around the base I got a bit tanged and have pulled the edges slightly.

It’s knitted in cotton on 3mm straight needles ( I find with a circular I pull the yarn too tight), that’s all I can tell you, as I am also de-stashing, most of the labels in my stash have been found by children and used as bangles and crowns and they get lost/torn/eaten!


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