Another FO!

This is a record for me, so I have to thank all the KALs I’m involved in for giving me the inspiration to get things finished.

Jasmine’s Tank Top was finished early hours of yesterday morning, she is desperate to wear it.
Because I’d pulled the edges a little, I tidied up by picking up all the stitches around the edge and knitted 3 rows of Stocking stitch so it would be easier to sew together. I’m quite pleased with it, considering it’s the first piece of colour work I’ve done in ages.

The next little project is for the sock competition in Simply Knitting. I have to design a sock for a celebrity (real or fiction). I’m looking forward to this, not only is it the first time I have ever designed a sock, it’s the first time I’ve ever knitted one.
I bought the yarn yesterday and couldn’t believe it when I found a ball of Jaeger Alpaca in a sale bin for 50p!!
I also may have anded myself a job there in the future which would be very cool!

The red on the left is Patons Diploma Gold, the middle is the Jaeger Alpaca and the black is Sirdar Silky Look.

They’re all really nice and soft.

To finish, I shall leave you with a stunning picture Jasmine came home with a week ago. I love it, we have enlarged the picture and will frame it.

I love the way the flower pots balance on the table!


3 thoughts on “Another FO!

  1. I haven’t taken the dive into the sock world yet, either. That is very brave of you to make your first one of your own design! Good luck, and can’t wait to see its progress.

  2. That is a gorgeous picture – your Jasmine is really talented. (and I’m not just being glib – I mean it – great composition, colours, mmmmm lovely.

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