"I am man of constant sorrow…

…I’ve seen trouble all my days”

That’s my song of the week. It’s half term here and I am going insane!

So, it’s raining, we’re skint, do we dare…..

bring out the paint?

It’s a good job the paint wasn’t toxic, Mavis ate most of it! They produced some nice pictures though…

They all sworre that no one had touched the kitchen cupboards! Jim and I thought we’d get at least ten minutes peace, we were so wrong! We spent most of the afternoon running after the twins incase they put handprints over our newly decorated walls.

On the knitting front, I have socks on the go! I can’t post pics at the minute but I am finaly happy after 4 days of frogging and ripping. I tried circulars, straight and dpns and decided the dpns were the easiest.

I’m beginning to build up another pile of UFOs again, so I am setting today aside to finish the felted bag. I shall put a pic up later of the “before”

Its knitted in Wendy “Sharma” which is 60% wool, so it should felt nicely. We shall see…


One thought on “"I am man of constant sorrow…

  1. What lovely children you’ve got! The paintings are beautiful – and half term’s nearly over!
    The rasberry looks good in the picture, though I agree it’s not really rasberry coloured. Hope you get the chance for a rest later!

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