Saturday…(can’t thnk of a suitable title)

..(if anyone has any ideas…feel free to let me know!)

The felted bag is done.



I think it need some embroidery and beads once it’s finished drying.

I’m really proud of myself this morning. I have learned how to do a provisional cast on and how to knit socks from the toe up. YAY! I’ve really been bitten by the sock bug.


3 thoughts on “Saturday…(can’t thnk of a suitable title)

  1. Socks are great, aren’t they? portable, quick, wearable, practical, beautiful, doable, da di da di da…
    Toe up – yeah! So you can knit until the yarn runs out!
    provisional cast on – yeah! I just learnt that one too!

    Now – bout this arctic monkeys CD!

  2. I still don’t really get socks. The needles are so tiny – and you have to knit two of them.
    Looking forward to seeing your new ones though. Like the bag too.

  3. The socks I’m knitting at the moment are for a competition so I’m not sure I can put them up just yet, but I think I’m going to knit some for myself with the yarn I dyed. I love bright coloured socks!

    The fiddlyness of making them is what scared me the most, but now I have it sorted is actually fun.

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