It’s been one of those weekends…I have come down with a serious cold, I don’t get them very often, and when I do I don’t let them bother me, but this one was nasty. I was laid up on Sunday due to really bad back ache (which I think I inherited from 10 years of caring for the elderly) then followed by 3 days of aching shoulders. Everything seems to be on the mend now, thank goodness for Tiger Balm!

Since this cold I have decided to give up smoking. I used knitting as an incentive when I was pregnant, all 3 times, and whilst I was breastfeeding, but once I got into a routine, I suppose I used smoking as an excuse to have a break from the babies. I don’t need to do that now as all the children are either in school or playgroup.
So, if I could do it then, I should be able to do it now, right?

QuitMeter Counter courtesy of www.quitmeter.com.

On the knitting front, these damn socks are doing my head in! I can’t get the heel right, it’s either too big or mis-shaped, so if I don’t get that sorted today then I think I may miss the deadline for the comp, either way I will still make them, I’m pretty chuffed with the leg design, and the toe!

So, all that said…I’m off to knit.


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