Music Petition

I recieved this e-mail from a musician friend of mine…

Not content with nobbling the pubs over live music – now look! If you’ve
received this from another source, apologies. Please circulate repitition is
better than missing the opportunity.

There is a government move to make it very difficult for musicians to
perform live in small venues, or for schools, pubs and charities to raise
money for causes through musical events. The new legislation will inhibit
the central role music making has in our lives and communities. If you
circulate this to your musician (and non-musician!) friends, all each person
has to do is go to the government’s petitions website below, give your name,
email and address – it takes about 30 seconds. And it could make a vital
difference to the nurturing of community music making, and enabling young
musicians to find their feet in the performing world. The live
music/licensing e-petition now has nearly 19,000 signatures. It currently
stands at no.19 in the list of 1,702 petitions on the Number 10 website.
This is good, especially in just under a month – and there are five more
months in which people can sign. But the petition needs to do much better to
make an impression on ministers, and to encourage DCMS to implement
music-friendly amendments. website: PETITION


One thought on “Music Petition

  1. Signed it 🙂

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention! The other petition that I’ve signed recently is the access to water – we paddlers want the same right of access to rivers as walkers to footpaths!

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