Whilst Blog-searching…

I stumbled upon Kendra’s blog “I Dream of the Sea” this morning and was touched by her post “Acceptance” I remember also being a teenager, trying to fit in, and more often than not, getting it wrong. As Kendra said, now I’m older I am able to admit when I can’t do something:

So here is a list of things I can’t do.

1. I can’t swim, well, certainly not confindently.
2. My advanced mathematics is appalling, I’m dreading when my kids ask me to help with their trigonometry homework, all the sin, cos and tan..huh?
3. I’m hopeless at starting a conversation and am terrified of people!
4. I can’t cook, I can do the basics, but that’s your lot.


One thought on “Whilst Blog-searching…

  1. What a good idea -I’ll have a think later on and come up with my own list.
    Isn’t it strange that the most articulate of people are hopeless at small talk and starting conversations? I can really identify with that – though it depends on my mood and how much alcohol I’ve imbibed. And if I’ve had several I’ll talk drivel anyway!

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