My name is…

…well you know my name, that’s not the point, the point is I’m willing to stand up and be counted.
I have been wondering around blogworld the past 2 days, which has been a very interesting journey none-the-less, but the real reason for it is avoidence.
I was not aware there was a name for my problem, but it seems there is. After having a look in on Amy’s blog “The Hook and I” it appears I have
second sock syndrome. There, I’ve said it. Though I do rest in the comfort that even the best fibre artists get it.

Breath in…
Breath out…

Now I suppose I should be tackling my problem, it’s not like it’s complicated, although I will NEVER knit lace in black again, more importantly, get it wrong! Not until the summer, at least the lighting is better then.

I’ve just pinched this from “Twisted Stitches”

It’s pretty damn good!


5 thoughts on “My name is…

  1. i’ve added you to the finding water blogroll. we just started week 2, but i don’t think it’s too late for you too join in. welcome to the group!

  2. Black lace? In the winter? I hope your eyes are okay!

    Weird name connection: there’s a specialty ale sold here with the name Riggwelter, and it is delicious.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Ooooh and I thought I was brave tackling cerise lace:) And we have more common ground too – same name, roughly same area of the world, dissertation nightmares and, most significantly, SSS!!! I’ve joined the sock-a-month challenge on Crafty Threads n’Yarns( solve the problem of endless wee lone soldiers in the sock drawer!! Thanks for popping by my blog and hope to read more of life and knitting on yours …

  4. Oh my!! What a wee world cyber space can be!! Have left a comment on my blog about our increasing coincidences … but a quick update:) I was born and grew up in Dunoon, so could have waved to you! And visited the SS OT dept before applying to college! Have now notched up almost 23 years working as an OT in mental health … how old does that make me:)

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