I was wandering around charity shops yesterday looking for dpns as I don’t have many and came across this bag. I had to buy it, it will come in handy for hiding things away from little hands and keep everything in one easily accessable place (things like scissors and darning needles are hidden in a kitchen drawer) and for £1, it was hardly going to break the bank!

I noticed in the shop that the needle case was a bit heavy and thought there must be some needles in there.
I got it home and found all these….

I didn’t expect there to be this many! There’s a full set from 2mm to 6mm bamboo needles, loads of aluminum needles and 3 sets of dpns…how cool is that!

As promised yesterday, a picture of the kids dressed up for St David’s Day.
The girls and Ollie are in traditional Welsh dress, Dylan went to school as a rugby player!

Dylan had to sing a song with 3 other children “Daffodil ydy fflodyn Cymru”
(Daffodil’s are the flower of Wales)


2 thoughts on “ooooooooh….

  1. AWWwww they look so cute!
    I can remember being in the eisteddfod and singing about a train on stage with all my classmates – the only bit I recall vividly, was when we all made train wheel movements and shouted chwff, chwff, chwff really loudly!
    And look at all those needles – you jammy so and so! (or should that be sew and sew 🙂
    I just wanted to say I got the CD, you star! Haven’t listened to it yet. Thankyou thankyou thankyou.

  2. Ac i chwi oll hefyd:) Wyt ti dal yn siarad Gymraeg?

    Just seen one of your buttons,I didn’t know there was a Welsh Knitters Group, are there many in it?

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