A Family of Nutters Knitters

It was a pretty dismal weekend, we had intended on going out for a walk at Bosherston but the weather was wet, to say the least.
Jasmine was a bit dissapointed so to cheer her up a bit I taught her how to knit. I had tried before but she couldn’t get the hang of holding the needles. This time she took to it like a duck to water, her main problem being lack of concentration and wanted to be able to watch TV and knit like her Mam!

Look at that concentration tongue!

Big J had also been going on about knitting again, I had taught him a few months back but he gave up, so whilst his girls were knitting he thought he’d have another go too.

Maybe now he can knit his own damn jumpers!

Big J’s jumper is coming on slowly, I hate knitting with wool as it irritates my hands, but that was what the man wanted!

I’m also messing about with a jumper I’m planning to design, hopefully for publication, but I’m just in the experimental stage at the moment. I would like it to be quite textural and touchy-feely.

On a sunnier note….my daffs are in bloom.


5 thoughts on “A Family of Nutters Knitters

  1. Aw that brings back memeories of teaching my children to knit see my photo link; that’s me and my daughter Kath who is now a fully fledged knitter etc and she has the same photo on her link. Gawd that make me feel ancient LOL
    Thanks for your post on my blog . I am originally from Borth -y- Gest and moved away for 25 yrs but have come back home to the area now 🙂 but this time up in the nearby mountains which I love

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