Here’s One I Made Earlier… (and a little competition)

The kids celebrated World Book Day today (as it was St David’s Day on the 1st, which was the actual World Book Day).
Dylan wanted to go as one of the boats in his favourite book, cunningly titled “Boats”

Luckily Jasmine has received a new bike for her birthday (next week) which came in rather a large box, so in Blue Peter style, I got out the tissue paper and sticky back plastic.

Complete with buoys…(just in case you were wondering!)

And Dylan very proudly modelling…

Jasmine made her own costume, armed with fabric pens and a bright orange fleece top.
Her creation below:

The Competition is as follows:

Can you tell me which is her favourite book?
(click on the photo for a larger image)

Just leave a comment with your answer by the 31st of March.

If there are more than one person with the correct answer, name will be placed into a hat and drawn by Jassie.

The winner will receive a Chocolate or Savoury treat of their choice.


4 thoughts on “Here’s One I Made Earlier… (and a little competition)

  1. Oohh, ooh! I know – could it be James and the Giant Peach? I can’t wait until mu little one is old enough to do that World Book Day thing. Nice to see that it didn’t overshadow Dewi Sant!

  2. Once I saw the clue, I got it, plus Kath had it too…Neo’s favourite book at the mo is called the Tickle Book, I know it word for word! James and the Giant Peach is a classic though!

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