I feel…

…like I’m finally getting somewhere with Big J’s jumper. I’m now just under the arms, this has been one long hard slog!

I have so many other ideas going on at the moment, more sculptural and textural pieces, but a pledge is a pledge and I must finish Big J before I buy anymore yarn.

I’ve finished the first repeat on “Intoxicating”

Big J has nearly finished his first FO! He’s done really well don’t you think?

And whilst pulling up steps in my garden yesterday, I found this handsome fella!

After a bit of gardening, Jim decided to take me out to the local garden centre to buy me a plant for Mothering Sunday (hope you mammies are having a good day today)but there wasn’t anything interesting about, so we went for a cup of tea. The tea shop was full of handmade goodies (I’d left my camera in the van), so I may approach them at a later date.
We then decided to take the kids to Scolton Manor for a run around but ended up at Llys Y Fran Reservoir (it was too cold here to get my camera out! I wish I had though, there is very little information about it on the net apart from fishery reports and birdwatching…hmph!) which is so pretty.
Then went shopping in Haverford West, and found a new ALDI! YAY!
I love days like yesterday, totally unplanned and spontanious.


4 thoughts on “I feel…

  1. Happy Mothers Day 🙂
    My you have some great WIP here love the colour work on Intoxicating.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog . As you saw I used my tapestry frame but you could just as easily do it on a stiff piece of cardboard which I showed Kath when she was here. I bought a rigid heddle loom before Xmas from one of our guild members but I am ashamed to say as yet I haven’t tried it ; seems so much going on at the moment with not enough hours in the day . Shame you can’t use your loom but maybe in time you will ; I am just hoping this floor loom is as small as she says as we only have a small cottage which is filling up with my crafts

  2. Great progress with the big jumper. I can’t believe how much wool men’s jumpers take.
    (Looks like he’ll be knitting one for you soon – well done Jim!)

  3. We often have Sunday lunch in the coffee shop of a local Garden centre, There is a note on the menu that Desserts is stressed written backwards!

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