Isn’t it nice when things work?

It seems like ages since I posted, and you’d think I’d have something to show for it!
I’ve not done a great deal of knitting at all. We have been seriously de-cluttering the house.
There is a possibility of a move up to Yorkshire…nothing is definite yet, but the house could do with a bit of tidying up anyway.
Whilst getting rid of junk on Freecycle, I came across this…

That someone was giving away, I couldn’t believe my luck, it’s a £230 bike, she had put on the post that it desperately needed new tyres…so what! I snapped it up!

It turned out that all it needed was a good clean and the tyres pumping up, it runs like a dream and all the gears work perfectly too.

During the de-clutter I got my old knitting machine out to see if it was still working, I’ve not had it out for ….well, a long time! Must have been my lucky week, she was still chugging along nicely too!

Jim asked me to make him something to keep all the remotes together and out of reach of the kids, (they like to use them as mobile phones!) so I knocked this up in 2 hrs! I forgot how wonderful a knitting machine is! I even remembered how to use the holding position!

It’s made from a narural coloured cotton and a light beigey coloured chenille (from the stash) knitted together to give a firm fabric.
(there’s a pattern here if you’re interested)

And so while the creative juices are running…I’ve started on a bit of tapestry weaving too…which hopefully will turn out something like this…

Oh and another thing, I’ve had a request to make some felted bows for holding pot pourri from a local hand made candle shop! Best get going with those too!

The intention is (providing I can remember how to do it) that the leaves of the tree will be fluffy…You can make loops (using a pencil I believe) which can then be cut to make a pile. I love the way you can see the direction of the weave, oh I’d forgotten how much fun this is.


6 thoughts on “Isn’t it nice when things work?

  1. Oh my who’s been a busy girl.
    You are moving to Yorkshie ? I do love it up there ,good luck on the move.
    Freecycle is great isn’t it and it was that literally for you , enjoy you cycling;phew don’tenvy you on those hills in Yorkshire LOL
    Never used a kntting machine but love you control holders , brill idea.
    Great weaving also on your tapestry frame, look forward to seeing the finished item. I am trying to get yarns together to warp up my ridged heddle loom up, never used it before , so that should be fun 🙂

  2. Are your pot-pourri bowls to be felted knitting or do you wet-felt? How lucky you are to have an outlet for your things.

  3. They will be knitted felt SP. it’s taken a long time to find places but there are a lot of shops opening that sell hand made gifts, getting ready for the Easter break!

  4. Wow – busy days ahead! You’ll have to start teaching the kids to knit so they can help you with the bowls! Looking forward to seeing your finished weaving. And what a handy remote holder – great idea! What a lucky find with the bike – almost literally Free Cycle!!

  5. I love Freecycle, that’s what started me off spinning, a farmer was giving away fleece! Thanks for the comment and thanks for visiting, nice to see you doing Finding Water aswell, I’m going to do the Artist’s Way when I finish Finding Water because I feel at the moment its not getting my full attention as it’s competing with my toddler. I’m going to do each week over 2 weeks though, as I’m just struggling to fit everything in.
    Coincidentally I’ve been looking at books on Amazon because I want to start tapestry weaving, but couldn’t decide.

  6. I thought I was going to start spinning, there was a farmer here giving away fleeces but I was too late…oh well. I’ve never spun by hand, only on a big Gemmil and Dunsmore! That’s next on my list for learning!

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