I Love my Secret Pal!

Thank you soooooo much for my pressies, they are brilliant!

I nearly didn’t get it today as I was out, but the good thing about living in a small town is that everyone knows everyone! As I was walking to the shops the Postlady screeched to a halt and gave me my parcel, which I opened with my mates in the cafe, drinking good coffee, a perfect afternoon.
I couldn’t wait to blog the contents!

She has sent me the most wonderful pair of handmade knitting needles, I nearly cried when I saw these…I have aways wanted to own handmade needles, my husband said last month that I could by myself a pair every month, and that would be my birthday present, but with this imminant move to Yorkshire, we need to save money so it has had to be put on hold. So thank you so so much SP!

Also, not one but two balls of Mission Falls 1824 Cotton in a lovely aubergine colour, I have the perfect yarn for this to go with in my stash, I didn’t know what to do with it as there wasn’t enough…this will go great with it!

I had added in the Pal Questionnaire that I collect old knitting patterns…I love these that my pal sent me, they are perfect! One of my friend worriedly asked me if I would actually knit these patterns! Oh definitley I said… I intend to bring back tank tops with matching socks! (I’ll dig out that pattern one day!)

This is my favourite! I will have to use this one against my kids SP…

Also, yes there’s more! A lovely smelling bag of bath confetti, a superb postcard and all wrapped in tissue paper of a gorgeous colour blue and green.

Oh and…

a plastic tube, hmmmmm…only joking although I could now publish a book titled “100 and 1 Things Children can do with a bit of Plastic Tube” !!

Thank you so much SP, I hope your secret pal treats you as you have treated me xx


3 thoughts on “I Love my Secret Pal!

  1. Crikey that was quick! I didn’t think you’d get it til Monday as I came over cheap after posting some swap-bot parcels to America and sent it 2nd class. I see you swap-bot too. Have we ever been partners? Sorry Can’t say!

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