I spent most of today tinkering with my garden, I wanted to create a little space just for me, somewhere where I can knit, sketch and ponder.

With a great deal of lugging and digging, I think I have finally created (or will have done once the Hostas and Chinese Lanterns take hold) a little bit of paradise.

It may not look like much, but when I think back to what the garden looked like when we moved here nearly 4 years ago now.

For 2 of those years I couldn’t do anything as I was pregnant with twins (luckily I had just finished laying the paving!) and suffered with cronic fatigue, it was heart breaking to watch the garden returning to a mass of weeds and brambles after the hard work I had put into clearing it up. The following year the twins were too young to be sitting outside for long hours so spent most of that year trying to keep the bindweed off. It’s a shame that weed is disastrous to gardens as it has a lovely flower.

I love Alpines and Heathers, they withstand such harsh weather (good job too). They come in the most unusual shapes, textures and colours too.

This canoe I found in the top of the garden, what a waste! Sadly it would have cost too much to get it sea worthy again, which is a shame, I would have loved to get back in the water, I’ve kinda lost my confidence with the sea. I think the last time I had a canoe was when I was 13, that’s a long time ago now! But I kept it for old times sake!

The next thing to do now is get some grass seed down to try and get some kind of lawn going on, instead of clumps of grass!

I sat out in the evening once the kids had gone to bed and spent it listening to the birds, mainly Blackbirds, Wood Pigeons and Starlings and was briefly visited by a Robin.
I’ve started work on a mystery piece of knitting, it’s as much a mystery to me as it is to you. I have a couple of ideas as to where it’s going, but I’m just waiting to see what the fabric is like once I’ve done a fair bit.

I leave you with my Easter Chick mug and Costa Rican Coffee. Good night.


2 thoughts on “Paradise!

  1. I love gardening and I have moved around a lot in my life so have done a fair few gardens up. I agree its hard work but when you look back and see what you have created its so satisfying. I only have a small garden now compared to what I used to have but I have still created ‘rooms’ in each part. The only downside is that I can see a time I can’t do it for much longer as its more like mountainering than gardening here .

  2. My husband kindly paid to have our garden tidied. When I came home from work I burst into tears as along with the brambles they had ‘tidied’ two beautiful hellebores and a clemetis I had been growing through an old apple tree for 3 years along with lots of other perennials I keep remembering. Now I must work hard to keep it from getting away from me again, just to keep what is mine. You’ve done really well with yours. Enjoy your peaceful times there.

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