I’m on a mission!

I went to a meeting on bank holiday Monday to give my ideas to a new community project starting up here.
One of which was a knitting tent (more of a craft tent really, it just depends on who, if anyone is gonna turn up)getting young ‘uns and oldies together and promoting knitting to those who think it’s a geeky thing (how dare they!).
The other was a touring knitting group to visit care homes for the elderly in the area.
Both have been accepted!
I’ve been given the use of a church hall, and the land around it, so we can go outside if the weather is nice (the owners are just discussing days between them) and they are keen to get it going ASAP!
A rather loud splash into the deep end methinks, still, it doesn’t give me a lot of time to think about it, just get on with it!

I’ve done my poster…what do you think? Really, what do you think, your opinions, good or bad will be gratefully received.

I put an ad on freecycle for any donations and I’ve already acquired 2, yes 2 knitting machines (how can you have one of those in yer house and not use it?) and a bit of yarn.

If it is successful, I might try and get Brenda Dayne (of Cast On) over here as she’s not too far away. How exciting!


11 thoughts on “I’m on a mission!

  1. Ooh, that’s exciting! When is it happening? I have some yarn somewhere I’d be able to donate, but I want to make sure I have enough time to dig it out and ship it. 🙂

  2. Oh that is so wonderful Jaime, I’m hoping it will start in the next couple of weeks but it will be an on going thing, unless we’re really sure that no-one is interested (God forbid). Thank you so much for your offer, I’m touched.

  3. How exciting! And you’re right, just plunge in and don’t think too much – I think it’ll be fun – now I am going to put on my editor’s hat, and tell you that at the bottom of the poster – “What have you got to loose?” – loose should be lose, I believe –

    good luck with it – looking forward to seeing how it goes!

  4. What a great idea ; it sounds a lot of fun and I wish you luck. Great poster too, if you need yarn give me a shout

  5. How exciting! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. One comment on the poster though…knitting is “cheap”!?! I’d hate to tally up what I own in needles alone, much less yarn stash. (And I only have sock yarn in stash which doesn’t even count as stash, but I wouldn’t call any of the sock yarn “cheap”.)

  6. I think Bobbi, it depends on how much you want or can afford. You can by needles from charity shops and only buy yarn from bargain bins.

    I know what you mean tho’, it can get very expensive!

  7. Great poster – although I always laugh when knitting is called ‘relaxing’ – have you seen the tension in the beginner knitter?
    also spelling! tiz lose not loose!

    I participated as a volunteer on a knit and natter stall last September – and we were teaching ‘finger knitting’ – great fun and really young children got the hang of it quickly – it’s like french knitting on your fingers… do you know it?

    Well done you for getting this organised. I’m hoping to get an event organised for next Knitting Week in our village hall – so I’ll look forward to reading about how you get on!

  8. Yeah, the spelling mistake has bee changed on the actual poster!
    Yes I think I remember how to finger knit, thanks for that.

    Good luck with organising your Knitting Week event.

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