New Baby in the Family!

NO! Not mine…

Some friends of mine in Crewe have had a new baby boy, Billy.

So it was time to get those thousands of baby patterns out again. I have some great vintage patterns that I would love to work on, but I’m not sure anyone actually dresses their babies in pilches anymore!

I decided on a romper suit, pretty basic, quick to knit and I’m changing the pattern just slightly.

This is knitted from stash yarn, again, the ball bands are missing, the white is an acrylic boucle, knitted together with a cream cotton. The blue is also a cotton, which is amazingly soft, wish I could remember where I got that from.

Looking through the vintage patterns I found these peculiar things…

they are golf stocking tops! How cool are they?


8 thoughts on “New Baby in the Family!

  1. Oh, the romper suit is adorable – I love vintage patterns! Although, I must ask, what exactly is a ‘pilch’? I’m thinking ‘soaker’, but really have no idea…

  2. I must admit I’ve never heard of a pilch either… was it ancient baby corraling technology? =) The romper is quite adorable! And love your vintage knitting patterns..

  3. I’m not entirely sure but I think Pilches are as Diedre said, soakers, they’d be worn over terry nappies, I think.

  4. Listening to your albumn track as I am wrting this LOVE it 🙂 How do you add these to your blog
    Great romper suit and I too love thes vintage patterns

  5. I love vintage patterns and have lots that my Grandma left to me. There are some amazing things in there… and plenty to giggle at too 😉

  6. Love the vintage patterns! There are some fantastic things out there lurking in patterns that we never even knew we needed!

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