Just when you think it’s all going right…

…it all goes wrong!

I’ve been continuously knitting these rompers for my friends’ new baby, I had got to the 1st sleeve and realised that I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish the second! Arrrggghhh!! So I have ripped both front and back, back to the beginning of the ‘jumper’ part of the rompers (Deep breath) and will have to start again with a different yarn.

Ok, well that’s not so bad, annoying yes, but fixable…

After taking the twins to school (and after having to run after Ollie, falling out of my clogs, twisting my foot, pulling a muscle in my thigh, completely embarrassing myself by swearing, loudly, in front of a group of school kids and walking home in wet socks) I set about sorting out the kids bedrooms so they would have more space to play in (my house is far too small for 4 kids!) all going well, so far, then the twins get home and trash the place again!

My husband, as you know has joined the knitting world, so to make things easier for him to find the yarn he needed (I usually keep it under my desk as I know which box holds which yarn it’s easier for me to just fetch it) so I rig up something to the back of the bedroom door as an experiment, to see how much yarn I can get in it, before the door won’t open… It doesn’t work, so in my frustration I think “Sod it all!” and promptly chucked it all in bin bags and throw it outside!

This morning I was feeling a bit stupid about my little tantrum and am lucky that I was able to save the yarn (it had been raining all night) I had a really good clear out and any yarn that isn’t a full ball has been chucked in the shed to donate to the craft group I’m setting up. I’ve also done the same with all my papers/cardmaking stuff.

So, feeling a bit better about having less crap around (and a bit more space in the bedroom) I begin to take it upstairs, only to come back down to green glitter all over the living room (arrrgggghhhhh! again) It’s 5am and I can’t get the hoover out until I come back from the school run. So, no doubt the kids will go to school covered in the stuff! Does this tidying up malarky ever end?


5 thoughts on “Just when you think it’s all going right…

  1. Poor you – sounds like one heck of a time, and you have my complete and utter sympathy!

    And no, it never seems to end – my two are 11 and 12, and I find that the stuff may sometimes be smaller – e.g. hockey cards – but it’s EVERYWHERE… I also firmly believe that there is a male gene which prevents the process of tidying up – I’ve seen it happen repeatedly, with my brothers and now my sons – I think it’s inherent… that’s my rationale, anyhow

  2. Answer to your question is NO !!!
    Poor you I completely sympathize ; I find it hard enough to any thing and now that Kath and Emily are up its totally impossible so I have given up and just enjoying their company . Any way we are ALL off today to their house today so we will wreck theirs He he
    I too need to have a yarn sort out !!

  3. thank you both for your sympathy…it’s all going ok now LOL!

    Ooooh have fun at Kath’s.

    Diedre – I completely agree with the male gene thing!

  4. I can’t remember what my house looks like not wrecked! We’re getting the bathroom done in just over 2 weeks so it’s chaos and the work’s not started yet. And I’ve only the one toddler – arrgghh!! I too feel like I’m permanently having a sort out and clearing bits only not seeing any results – I think that goes with the job role of Mother!

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