Pleasantly Surprised

I bought some yarn from the Natural Dye Studio via E Bay, oooh, a long time ago now. A pink cotton ribbon yarn, in a sale. Now, I know around here, it’s the only way to get decent yarns, but I do hesitate when buying from the internet as I can’t touch the yarn, I can’t smell it (people must think I’m mad when I stick my nose in a ball of yarn) nor can I become one with it, and let my mind drift with the possibilities of what the yarn may one day become.
As usual, I uuuhm-ed and arrr-ed for a few days before I made the commitment to buy this yarn. I was so dissapointed when it arrived, the colour was less intense as in the picture on the net, it was dusty and felt awful, so, in the stash it went and was forgotten about. That was until my SP sent me a couple of balls of a deep red cotton and knew instantly it would sit well with this ribbon yarn, if I could face touching it again.

So last night I fetched it out, slung the skein around my feet (please God tell me someone else does it like this)as I don’t own a swift, and made balls. I wrote a pattern for a little shoulder bag, without thinking about it too much, began knitting.
Now here is where the surprise came…

The yarn (which is something like flattened i-cord) was lovely to knit with, it behaved, knitted up pretty fast (on my new handmade 6mm needles, courtesy of my wonderful SP) and produced a smooth springy fabric.

After blocking the first side of the bag this morning, and was pleased with the result, (the stitches opened up and sat nicely together) I thought I’d see how well it would behave with a lace pattern…

I love this edging, the last time I used it was for a baby blanket I made for Jasmine just before she was born. I think it looks really effective, for such a simple pattern and a bit of casting on and off.

As for the rompers, they’re looking much healthier now and should be finished by the end of the week!

See, all is right with the world again, it’s amazing what a bit of a tantrum can do!

I’m also pretty enthusiastic about the WWKIPday which is happening on the 9th of June. I have a mate who runs a cafe in a shopping centre (don’t let your imagination get too adventurous, it only has about 5 shops in there) in town which is under cover, has lovely food and coffee and close too toilets which is crucial to old ladies and kids, trust me, i know!
I also met a couple of musicians (one of whom is married to a knitter…see where I’m going?) who, if nobody else in the shopping centre minds, might like to play…
I shall have word with Tony today after my meeting with Communities First (a local work finding, grant finding, group) who aparently, already know me…hmmmmmm

Right, off to get the kids ready for school…have a nice day folks.

Hee Hee


6 thoughts on “Pleasantly Surprised

  1. OOH yarn around the feet, I will have to try this one. If you are in teh UK, you can pick up the whole of the original battlestar for arond £20 at wh smith. It was shorter than you would think though:)

  2. Heh, I used my feet for a while, and then I finally got a ballwinder. Now I either sling the skein around the back of my desk chair (I have a swivelly one on wheels, so it’s sort of like having a swift, as it rotates while I wind), or if I’m not near the desk chair, I borrow my boyfriend’s hands. I think we both prefer that I use the chair. 😉

  3. Now that’s a good idea, my chair swivels too…If the skeins long enough I use the radiator and my ball winder.

  4. Me, me, I use my feet – if I can’t get DH or DS to cooperate – I’ve also used chair backs…

    Joyce (the proprieter of our LYS) was knitting with this cotton tape stuff the other day – it looks sooo different when it knits up doesn’t it? Love the lace edging.

  5. I turned down the chance to buy a swift in a closing down sale once, and have bitterly regretted it ever since!! So i use my feet too – i tell myself it is good excerise and, if I sit on the floor to do it, i may one day reach my toes 😉

    Glad it all came right in the end. Lizzi

  6. I sit with the skein round my kness in a very unladylike position but it works OK. Love the lace border – so dainty and pretty! And what a fun button!

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