twice in one week!

In fact, twice in 24 hours, I have been proved wrong again (naturally, being a woman, I am right most of the time!).
You remember in my last post I said that the Internet was the only place I could get decent yarns (not that the yarns in my LYS aren’t ‘decent’ just dated and well, boring). After visiting Tony (who agreed to me having the WWKIP Day in his cafe. YAY!) I went to the LYS to see if I could get something for Jaime (I’ll tel you about her later). Gwyneth proudly told me she had finally taken over the shop and was trying to bring in some new stock (phew!), and took me out the back, we’re not
talking just out the back, but the very, very back, where she had odd packs of yarns she was intending on having a go at selling and I am pleased to say she made some good choices but the best of all was Bamboo, yes, Bamboo in Pembroke Dock! (can you feel the excitement?). Jokingly I said to her “so, what’s next then, seaweed?” (a customer in the shop looked at me as if I was stupid!), Gwyneth agreed and said if I put together a list of what yarns are fashionable at the moment, she’ll see if she can get them…Oh YEAH!!
She’s asked me to knit up a garment to show off the Bamboo yarn before the other colours come in, although she can’t pay me, she is going to give me a discount on the yarns I buy from her…woohoo!

The Bamboo smells so earthy, it’s wonderful!

Look at all this yummy yarn! It’s ok Stash-along-ers…none of it is mine (humph!)

The yarn in the box was sent from Jaime (Winged Orange) in America, donated to my craft group. I can’t stop saying “Thank You Jaime!” your generosity is so much appreciated.

I had the daunting task yesterday of writing a CV, it’s got so much harder than it used to be, nowadays you have to get down so much information using the fewest words possible. I’m applying for a job as a Dental Receptionist, all they’re asking for is that I’m polite (I can do that) and computer literate (uh…), so we shall see.


12 thoughts on “twice in one week!

  1. You were wrong twice – that’s your quota for the year… at least that’s what I tell my kids!

    and how exciting – you’ll be like a buyer for a yarn store, and get a discount – it’s almost dangerous…

  2. Oh that Bamboo feels so lovely doesn’t it? It will be interesting to see how it knits up as I’ve not come across anyone else who’s played with it, er knitted it yet! Good luck with the CV etc, will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  3. I too saw & felt that bamboo the other day when staying with Kath, yummy isn’t it ?
    Yikes talk of the devil LOL I see I am following her around again 🙂

  4. LOL @ you two!

    I’ve not started yet, just getting the finishing touches on these damn rompers, I’ll be glad to see the back of them now!

    Cheers Kath!

  5. Glad to hear about developments at the local yarn shop. Someone told me bamboo was rather course so will be interested to hear how you find it.
    Good luck with the job application.

  6. I’ve started knitting the bamboo, it’s not coarse at all, it’s very much like knitting cotton, but a silkier feel, it has a lovely sheen to it.

  7. You got bamboo! I love it. Not that my bamboo socks are finished or anything, but…it’s fantastic, isn’t it?! And to knit with bamboo for discounted yarn – that’s pretty fantastic. 🙂

    (And you know you’re more than welcome to the yarn. 🙂 I really hope your event’s a huge success; I wish we had things like that here.)

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