It’s done!

Now I’m really feeling nervous. The posters are up, so it’s just sit back and watch them roll in…ok so it’s more like making a plan for the day print out copies of my knitting booklet, write a weaving one, collect as many bits of cardboard for making looms as I can, remember how to finger knit and I think I may go into town today and get some crochet needles, not that my crochet skills are that good, I’m gonna practise on a site I found through Brenda’s blog, who still hasn’t got back to me…hmmmm.

Communites First was actually open yesterday, apparently all the staff have been on holiday. Sarah knew who I was before I’d even given them my name! She’s been after me to help organise an exhibition of Pembrokeshire artists, and organise schools to put something together for the exhibition too. “Pembrokeshire Through a Looking Glass” how crap is that for a title? I think I’ll go for it, I love a challenge, and I love to do this kind of thing anyway, although it’s all still voluntary work again…I live in hope that one day I will get paid for doing this.

I also told them about the World Wide Knit In Public Day on the 9th of June, as I wanted some funding to produce a little badge or something to give to people when they took part, but because the Can-Do group is not a constitution we can’t get any (a bit of convincing is needed methinks) but they have offered me a craft bag…

Ha ha..Lovely isn’t it?
They have said that if I produce a certificate, they’ll laminate it for me and apparently the Family Centre have a badge – maker so I’m going to make it a project for the Can-do-arts group to design a badge for the event!

As for knitting, Billy’s rompers are finished.

That’s it!

I had so many plans for getting stuff done this week. I had forgotten that Jim was off to Cardigan on Thursday to do a poetry gig with Mark Gwynne Jones, which leaves me alone with the kids for 2 days, no chance of getting anything done then!
I spent yesterday morning moving out glass cabinet out of J’s office into the space under the stairs, in there I found this…

I never intended to be a secret stasher, but it seems I am! I think this lot will make some nice socks.

This weekend I intend on getting the front of “Intoxicating” finished, I’ve only got one shoulder to do! and get started on a sleeve. I have to make sweaters…front, sleeve, back, sleeve…I just can’t do the same part twice, I’d get bored!

Oh and if I haven’t bored you already…
Kath pointed out to me that Bamboo didn’t like getting wet…this is what I found out.
I’m usng a tape, and haven’t had any trouble with splitting, I’m also using plastic needles (which are too light for me) which might be helping.

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know my findings as I’m going along.


3 thoughts on “It’s done!

  1. The rompers are adorable! There aren’t many more babies left in our family for now, and I miss them!

  2. Ah, I’m glad to see I didn’t imagine it all! I never knew bamboo yarn was bio-degradable though – a really interesting link you had there. I love the rompers they are so cute and I’m sure they’ll be snuggly and warm. Good to hear the craft tent is getting underway now, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your first meetings!

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