Listen to the yarn…

When i found that Sirdar yarn stashed in a cupboard, the first thing it said to me was “socks”, just quietly whispering away, everytime I passed the bag it would whisper “I want to be a sock”. I ignored it and went about my intentions of finishing “Intoxicating”, knitting more Bamboo, strangling the kids…
Which worked for a while (the ignoring, not the strangling)until yesterday morning when I was wondering around Black Dog Knits blog, drooling over the yarns and fabrics and patterns. I came across this one and the yarn screamed “That’s the one, that’s the sock I am destined to be!”

And here she is…

It’s knitting up pretty fast, nice simple pattern, although I do still prefer a toe-up, I thought I’d stick to the pattern (for a change) as

I’m not that confident in my sock making.

I’m quite pleased with it, and a big thank you to Nora for sharing her pattern.

My husband has finished his second project, I can’t help feeling proud, he’s now on his third…no stopping him now!


3 thoughts on “Listen to the yarn…

  1. Ohhh yes – this is certainly the perfect pattern for the yarn – or the perfect yarn for the pattern? Any way it goes, these socks are going to look gorgeous! What a yummy yarn this is, it looks so soft and cozy and must be heaven to work with!
    Congrats to your husband on such a beautiful accomplishment – this sweater looks so cute and I love how the colours are going along together! Fantastic work indeed!

  2. Firstly , thought I had come to the wrong blog , nice facelift 🙂 need to change mine soon as I getting fed up of the grey.
    Totally agree that yarn is so right for that pattern and it looks lovely. As yet I still haven’t done a toe up sock so will have to remedy that soon. Oh what a clever hubby you ,have must go to his blog and give him my congrats 🙂

  3. Great looking sock – that pattern is so right for your yarn. I vaguely think I’ve seen instructions out there on converting cuff down patterns into toe up ones but not sure how that would affect the pattern!

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