To YO or not to YO…?

“I hadn’t thought of that. When do you say YF and when do you say YO? I’m very confused now!”

Good question Kendra. (You have got to check out this lady’s Stole!)

I personally would use a YO if I was making a new st between a purl and knit stitch, that is, the yarn is in the front and instead of YB (yarn back) you take the yarn over the needle to place it in the back ready for the knit st (does that make sense?)

As the new st is being made in between 2 knit stitches, the yarn is already in the back, so I would YF, then make the next knit st, which in turn would also be taking the yarn to the back, over the needle. But I would use YF as that is the first command, or, is it that the whole YO process is to bring the yarn forward and then over?

Oh damn! I’m all confused now!

I’m probably just reading it differently to everyone else, I did teach myself to knit after all!

So what are all your opinions?

(again, Nora, please don’t take this the wrong way…I’m in no way saying your pattern is wrong…)


4 thoughts on “To YO or not to YO…?

  1. I think in the US, although I’m no expert, that they use the term YO quite loosely to express what we would call yf, and yes yo doesn’t leave a lace hole like a yf will, one of my friends was working her tension square for a lace cardi pattern(english pattern and was doing yo’s wen the pattern asked for yfs, and not getting the holes, easy mistake to make!

  2. I think I get it. I was trying out somehting lacey the other day and i brought the yarn forward over needle and round back again. When I cam to purl it on the ourl row, it purled fine. Afte a few rows, I realised there were no holes! I discovered how to do soemthing I know how to do on a machine! It is called Swung Stocking Stitch! Anyway, I digress, I should have just done a YO.

  3. Hi ladies

    I did some online research and discovered that a YO does create a hole and is the correct name for the required stitch.

    Please check out this link for YO and here for YF, YRN etc.

    Sorry for the confusion. In hindsight, I should’ve included an Abbreviations List.


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