Damn good book that one, if you like Clive Barker!

I digress…already!

Yesterday (assuming that it’s already tomorrow…at 3am, it still could be today!)was the first day of my art and crafts group that I have been banging on about.
Having decided on teaching cardboard loom weaving, (something simple, easy to make and it can either be developed into something bigger or just left as a simple weaving and kids can have a go) I spent much of the night making my own and typing up a little hand out, then spent most of the morning wandering if I was doing the right thing, was the hand out going to be understandable, was I able to teach and would anyone really turn up?

No need for any of it.

It was a slow start, but that’s fine, it gave me time to get a coffee in and calm down. 7 people turned up in the end, thankfully, not all at the same time!

Anyway, I’m not going to bore you all on this blog, if you really want to hear all the gory details, then click on “the Knitting tent” on the right there.

It’s been confirmed, I am organising the setting up of an exhibition in Pembroke Dock, of Pembroke Dock (thrilling I know!)I have 4 weeks! It’s going to be fun though, I love a new challenge and I’ve just had an email from a lady (her daughter is in the same class as my eldest) who’s willing to help. Phew!

Since joining this Can-Do group I’ve been roped into all sorts. I am visiting a group called “Funky Forum” (I’d never heard of it before, which is typical of here, nobody shares anything, you have to go looking for it and it’s not like it’s a big town!…the girl who runs it lives two doors away from me, two doors!)to teach finger knitting to a bunch of 7-15 yr olds and I get paid for it! YAY! And once the summer holidays are over they want me in to teach crafts. Cool.

I could do with your input on this one, encouraging kids to finger knit.
Girls are easy, the knitting can be made into belts, scarves, hair bands…but how do I encourage the boys?

Then a finger knitting workshop, and a craft stall for the midsummer festival, which looks like it will be fun this year. Busy busy busy!


9 thoughts on “Weaveworld

  1. Humm, the 7 year old boys should be no problem, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope for the 15 year olds! I went to an exhibition where a lady had a t.shirt, on which she had written all of the things you could make from finger knitting, here are all of the ones I remember, and some I’ve added with boys in mind;

    draft excluder (finger knit from the finger knitting and then finger knit fro that)
    chunky knitting yarn
    christmas decorations
    a lasso
    a slingshot?
    guitar strap
    sweat bands

    If I think of any more I’ll let you know.

  2. Hi…..re pembroke Dock , if you let us have the details we will give you a mention on our Community Web Project..at http://www.pembroke-dock.co.uk ….just click on to the comments section and post details and we will do the rest, you could also add details to our interactive diary….good luck

  3. There are probably lots of 15 year old boys who would secretly love to make a belt or a scarf, but they’d be too embarrassed. Perhaps if you could recruit a cool-looking older teenage boy to join you it might help?

  4. Now being hat my toddlers life revolves around spiderman…how about a fingerknitted net or web to play with, quite boyish, btw Weaveworld is one of my favourute books although when it comes to Clive Barker the Damnation Game is a goodie too, well they all are!

  5. How exciting everything looks. It’s wonderful to be involved in getting children involved in crafts. I used to help with sewing at my daughter’s school. I hated it. I was so frustrated that they couldn’t do what was so obvious to me! I hope I’d have more parience now

  6. This class that you gave on the cardboard loom weaving sounds like it’s really been a success – how great!
    As Yoshimi put it, I also think that the 7-year-old boys won’t be much of a problem, but getting 15-year-old guys into finger knitting will probably be – ahem – a quite heavy task!;) I guess everything that has to do with music and sports would be a possibility, like guitar straps or anything that could be used for their sports? Oy – I’m sorry that I’m of not much help here – but I’m sure you’ll be coming up with some exciting ideas!

  7. Great post and you sound as if you are haing a whale of a time. I wish you great success and you have had some great tips in these posts.
    You could also use weaving sticks to make guitar straps or even football club scarves

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