Lots of pics…

My SP has truly spoiled me yet again, I could marry her! Look at these…

200g of pure heaven! Debbie Bliss Baby Alpaca and silk blend, I can’t put into words how soft this yarn is.

Another pair of hand made needles, 4mms this time…(eyes have glazed over…)

Lots of sheep goodies: a pen, a little money box for “mum’s night out”, a PEZ sweetie dispenser, the cutest note cards and Wool Fat Soap…from Malham…that’s my most favouritest place in the world. Are you in Yorkshire Ms SP? I don’t suppose you’ll tell me yet.
Oh and yes, underneath that lot is actual real Liberty Tana Lawn…how wonderful!

It’s fantastic isn’t it? There’s just enough to line a special handbag for me.

And last but not at all least, a card with a photograph of Katie Aggett’s Wedding Dress (scroll down the page)
Thank you so, so much SP…

In Knitting land, not a great deal is getting done, I’ve been to meeting after meeting this week, but I’ll bore you with that later!

The bamboo cardigan is coming on nicely and I have changed my mind, I will have enough, the front uses less than 50g so …big sigh of relief.

I have to show you these puppets Dylan made for a puppet show we put together for a class at school. The poem I had to write was to be based on a nursery rhyme, Dylan chose Humpty Dumpty, he also like boats, so Dyl decided Humpty Dumpty was going to sea.


3 thoughts on “Lots of pics…

  1. Wow that bamboo goes far then! What a lucky thing – such a great parcel from your SP! And lovely yummy yarn to play with as well. I love the puppets – I can’t wait to be making things with Emily. I think she’s still at the stage of eating everything right now though! Will get round to posting your Tag soon, promise!!

  2. The answer to your question is no, not now. Glad you liked your parcel I enjoyed putting it together for you.

  3. I love the Sheepy bank! I’ve been looking for one to put my Rhinebeck money in, but I can’t find them anywhere. Just piggies.

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