Look what I discovered last week, I can’t believe i didn’t know this before, I suppose people had just got used to keeping this a secret…for nearly 30yrs? That’s a well kept secret!

As I am organising an exhibition of Pembroke Dock’s history, I’m going to make a big thing of this, it’ll be great for the kids and as one of the gentlemen at the meeting I went to on Wednesday said “for the dads too” and why not throw in the mums, I love my sci-fi!

I’m also going to research the Sunderland (a flying boat) which sunk here.

Pembroke Dock is such a small town but has some wonderful history which I am slowly discovering, weazeling it out of people is proving difficult though, but I have faith (just about) and I’m sure it will all come together in the end.


6 thoughts on “Oh WOW!

  1. Great to know you like our little town…for the full history and anything else you need to kown try….www.pembroke-dock.co.uk
    The Pembroke Dock Community Web Project

    The Mole

  2. Oh, how cool – my sons are so impressed!!

    And what a terrific secret pal you’ve got there – such lovely, lovely things to play with!

  3. Well that was so interesting , must tell my son who was a Star wats fanatic and still owns all his Star war toys from when he was little .
    Just goes to show we don’t know what goes on on our own doorstep !!

  4. Wow – I never knew that! And to only find out 30 yearsafter the 1st film was released! #[olo;[]j’o BTW Emily added that last comment!

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