As you may have noticed I have had to change my progress bars because I stupidly deleted the ones I had, which had to be uploaded from a file in my documents. I was doing a clean out of pics and deleted the file too!


So, searching for more progress bars I found this nifty little thing

You add the CSS to the Template (if you’re using Blogspot not sure about other blog hosts) click on Edit HTML, scroll down until you find SIDEBAR and C&P it in there.
If you want to find colour codes go to FONTS & COLOURS as you click on a colour, it gives you the code in a little box.

Then copy the HTML bit into HTML/Javascript on the “Add a Page Element” page.

And that’s it.


Spread the word!!


4 thoughts on “Nifty!

  1. Thats a really usefull link there if I can ever get my head round it. Will read and translate at leisure! Good to see the WWKIP being advertised well for you – not long now!

  2. Radio Pembrokeshire have been looking for me too today so it hopefully will be a good turnout…feeling nervous now!

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