No Sheep Swap

I have received my swap pal for the No Sheep For You Swap and have finally found the time to contact her…

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And mine has contacted me and given me a few questions to answer:

What Items do you covet but they aren’t readily available in the UK? (I live in Canada)

With the internet, pretty much anything is available, easy to get hold of is something else. Living in the middle of nowhere doesn’t help! Seaweed Yarn is the one thing I have struggled with.

What fibers have you tried, what haven’t you tried but would like to?

I have tried all the usual fibres, acrylics, wool (which I am slightly allergic to), cotton, bamboo, I haven’t knit with silk yet but my SP10 has kindly provided me with some alpaca&silk, I would love to try the yarn made from seaweed and also recycled sari silk (the colours are always so vibrant).

What are your favourite colours? Do you prefer solids, semi-solids, verigated or self-striping?

I like most colours, I’ve never used a self striping, just because my LYS doesn’t stock it (but I’m working on her). I have no real preference, though I don;t really like bright greens or orange.

What other swaps and KAL’s are you in?

I’m Stahalong-ing at the moment (but that doesn’t stop me being given yarn, I just can’t buy any!). I’m also part of Fair Isle Forever and Design it Yourself but haven’t made anything for these two groups for a while due to lack of time at the moment.

What kind of things do you enjoy knitting?

Hmmm…There’s not a specific item I prefer to knit, I like to knit something that I will learn a lot from, a difficult pattern or a new stitch or technique.

Is there a technique that you have yet to try but want to?

Yeah, socks on two circulars (another item my LYS doesn’t stock…which is annoying!)

What sort of movies, books and music do you like?

Movies: I like scary (but not gory) and I love my Sci-Fi and Kevin Spacey.
Book: Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
Music: I like my music loud, (I love Nick Cave), I like Classical, Folk, Ambient, but I listen to anything really, apart from Drum&Base and Rap.

Thank you Ms Mess! (great pseudonym by the way)


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