I am such a geek!

I seemed to have been knitting this for ages. Although the actual knitting didn’t take that long at all, it was probably all the other stuff I’ve been doing!
Anyway, the bamboo cardigan I was working on for my LYS is finished and shown here, being proudly modeled by Jasmine (who is quite disappointed it isn’t for her!).

another really nice lace border, just using YF, K2tog and so on,
the the last row is COff 3, place st back on left needle, CO 2, COff 5, place st back on left needle, CO 2, COff 5 and so on.

The bamboo was lovely to knit with, I didn’t have any trouble with splittiness (is that a word?) at all, I did however, have trouble sewing it together, because it is such a drapey/flowey (I’m full of made up words today!) fabric, if I pulled the stitching even slightly too tight, the knitting got pulled out of shape. On the whole, a nice knit.

Communities First have very knidly laminated some certificate thingys for tomorrow, which was very nice if them, thanks guys!
I am sooooo nervous about tomorrow, I’m sure it will be fine, but that doesn’t stop the butterflies from emerging!
My band has let me down (well half of it anyway) but the one guy won’t play on his own, so it’s a big hunt now to see if I can find a replacement. I’m not too worried about it though, it’s not like people are paying to see them…sigh.

I am really excited about today though…

Katy Woodhouse (from the Western Telegraph) has put a piece in the paper about the Millennium Falcon being built in PD, which has generated people to come forward with their tales, having worked on it, or have pictures. I am meeting one of the people today and waiting for an e-mail from someone else….ooooh!

On a final note…I have a strike from Stashalong (well I will have, I’ve not told them yet!).
Since J is a cyclist, he know’s that Merino wool is fab for cycling clothing, it’s warm and being wool, draws sweat away from the skin. As a sweatshirt would prove to be incredibly expensive he has asked that I knit him some socks. So, off to the LYS I went…

and came back with these…

The three at the back are Wendy Merino 4 ply in blue and green (I have 2 of each) and couldn’t resist the yarn at the front, Wendy “Supreme” Luxury 100% cotton 4 ply in the most gorgeous turquoise colour! I though these would make good socks too, for me!

I’m going to have a go at a pattern I found on the Anti-Craft site.


4 thoughts on “I am such a geek!

  1. Oh yummy, this cardi is absolutely lovely – I totally adore the lacey border! And the yarn that you got for yourself almost had me drool over my keyboard – awesome color choice!

  2. Your cardi came out great. šŸ™‚ And seriously, I wanted to steal your turquoise yarn, because that exact shade is my favorite color ever. Most of my clothing is that color. Come to think of it, so is a good chunk of /my/ yarn….

  3. That cardi looks lovely and like you said a really lovely lace border! I was wondering about the cotton for sock as well but was a bit worried that it would stretch and loose it’s shape. I thought about knitting some knitting elestic in with the cotton. Am I just being paranoid? I’m not so fond of cotton normally but wanted lighter socks for summer! I love that sock pattern as well!

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