"I can do anything, she says,

…she says, with a smile”. (if you’re interested, that’s a line from “Anne’s Song” – Faith No More)

WW Knit in Public Day went far better than I expected, I should have more faith I suppose but Pembroke Dock does seem to be notorious for broken promises…hence “The Pembrokeshire Promise”

Naturally my mates turned up they are good at supporting me which is wonderful and I love them all for it!

In all, 18 knitty people turned up, not all at the same time though and loads of passers-by stopped to see what we were up too, and not only too move us over either, (as we did start to spread out a bit!)but to share their own stories and memories of knitting, which was lovely, and after all, is what it’s all about.

A big thank you to my mates “I love you!” (said in drunken slur), to everyone who turned up, Tony for letting us borrow his cafe and the girls working on the day and to Radio Pembrokeshire and Llanion Communities First for the “craft bags” and certificates which went down very well.

J has been on a mission of his own today. He has been cycling around much of South Pembrokeshire, raising money for Macmillan Cancer Research.

He managed 45 miles in 3hrs and 3/4. Not bad considering he’s poorly.

EDIT 12.06.07: I have just been handed a few more photographs of the event:

(shhhhh: don’t tell any one, but that pink haired one is a right geeky cow!)


8 thoughts on “"I can do anything, she says,

  1. I am so annoyed I found out about your event on the day and couldn’t come! Well hopefully will do next year.

  2. Awww, it seems you had such a fantastic time together – thanks for sharing these great pics! I’d so have loved to join you girls!

  3. Never had you down as having pink hair!! Good to put a face to a name! I’m so pleased to hear that the day went well for you – I was busy at work and couldn’t do a stitch in public – next year maybe!
    Well done to DH as well – hope he’s better now!

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