Silly daft bint!

(me that is!)

I spent the very small hours this morning drawing a dragon and slowly enlarging it to this:

and tomorrow was going to the library to get it enlarged even further, so in the end would be A2 size.

I went to one of my drawers this evening and discovered I had this:

I’d completely forgotten about it. When we first moved here from Leicester, Jasmine had asked if she could have a Welsh flag for Christmas. J had to search everywhere (funnily enough) to get one. As Dylan got taller he kept pulling it down off the wall, so it was packed away until all the kids (as we then had twins too) were old enough to look after it!

Still, saves me a job in the morning!

This is all for a banner I am making for the Pembroke Dock Midsummer festival. I shall make most of it and then let kids loose on it at my art workshop on Sunday.


3 thoughts on “Silly daft bint!

  1. That dragon is just Fantastic – but then I am biased!! I had visions of you filling the dragon scetch with red buttons but that would take you ages if its supposed to be banner sized! Can’t wait to see the finished results! Pity I’m not nearer 😦 it all sounds exciting!

  2. The Welsh flag has to be the best one out there. At least that is what my Welsh husband would say!

    I hope the banner goes well.

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