What a day week!

Well, it’s been a funny old week, a very wet and windy week, and a pretty hectic one too!

The exhibition in town went ok, it was quiet but then the building it was held in is one that people tend to ignore unless they actually need to go in there! But the ones who did venture in, did enjoy what they saw, phew!

The Sunderland Flying Boat: In the glass boxes were parts of the engine that they have already retrieved, the rest of the plane is still on the sea bed in Pembroke Dock which they are hoping to raise soon. I’d have taken pictures but with them being behind glass, I’d have just got a load of glare from the flash.

Hobo’s photographs: The title of the exhibition was “Past, present and future”. While they are spending money on restoring places of interest and historical buildings, the rest of the town is going to ruin!

I asked the children from the local school to imagine what they would like to see in Pembroke Dock in the future: The pictures were amazing and they had some fantastic ideas like wildlife parks and aquariums…so let’s hope the town councillers are taking note…after all the children are our future!

The Millenium Falcon: Was built here in the 70’s: These are the only photographs left which is a big shame.

Funky Forum: which is a youth group get involved with local artists and crafters, these were made with Josie Coggins.

Sunday was the open art workshop on the park, thankfully it didn’t rain, not just because it would have spoiled the day, but I was in a tent and undoubtedly would have been trampled! It went really well, sadly I haven’t got any photos of this one as I was far too busy, but the kids got involved in some fabric decoration, cardboard loom weaving and card making.

Yesterday was pretty hectic too, we had to take down the exhibition as John needed his Flying Boat engine parts for another exhibition he has on. I can’t thank John Evans enough, he was so helpful, supportive and a walking encyclopedia! Thank you to everyone else who helped me, especially Llanion Communities First, everyone who got in touch about the Millennium Falcon and Yvonne Earl.

I had a few hours then to put the finishing touches on the Welsh flag for the parade through town.

“Chryfder chan Hundeb” which means “Strength from Unity” which is on the Pembrokeshire County Council’s coat of arms, only in Latin!

The head is made up of beads and buttons, the body and legs are padded, the wing was made using reverse applique, i.e instead of adding fabric as you would with applique, it’s done by having a pile of fabric and then cutting it away to reveal different fabrics underneath. The tail in knitted and woven.

Jas and Dylan carried the flag through the town.

Other parade pictures:

Luckily the rain held off for the afternoon otherwise these wonderful, huge paper puppets would have been ruined. Aren’t they fantastic, I love ’em!

While all this was going on, the twins became stars over night! See here.

and then there were interviews and meeting about starting an NVQ at the school for Childcare Learning and Developement, which I start in Semptember.

Think I may curl up and die now!


6 thoughts on “What a day week!

  1. Sounds a really great day – do you ever stop?! Well done you for all that organising!
    That is so weird having a class full of twins! Wow!

  2. What an amazingly busy week you’ve had – well done! Hope you had a pint or two to congratulate yourself!

    And the twin thing… something in the water there, maybe? They are adorable!

  3. This exhibition sounds so very interesting, I would have loved to see it too – as well as the parade, what a lot of fun it must have been! And I’m totally impressed by your dragon, actually I’m stunned – it looks absolutely fascinating, really! What an amazing job you did with it!!!

  4. Thank you girls, I did have great fun with it all, although it was very tiring. Thank you for your comments, they mean a lot!

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