ce week-end je ferai la plupart du temps…

Les chaussettes !

I have joined the Tour de France KAL and have decided to go for the “Polka Dot” group, The Mountain Climber:
• Polka Dot Jersey – also known as King of the Mountains. You are choosing a project that is a challenge for you. You do not have to finish it before the end of the Tour. This category is all about learning something new, perhaps a new technique like entrelac or lace knitting, or maybe you’ve got a UFO that’s been hiding under the bed for way too long and you need a challenge to finish it!

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I intend to learn how to knit two cycling socks (merinos for J again)on two circular needles. This will be a challenge, I’m terrified of circulars at the best of times! But this will also be fun. Sadly J has decided not to go to London to see the Prologue as he’s a bit poorly, still, we can watch it from the “comfort” of our sofa together.

Talking of J, he has bought me a new toy…no! not that sort of toy! A new camera!

Which has Macro, which means instead of my close ups looking like this…

they now look like this…

And it was only £70!

That is Big J’s sweater by the way, it has seen the light of day once again…(sighs) I will finish it this year, I will!

Once I have finished this…

I’m knitting this for my LYS, it is an odd shaped Jacket from Robin, knitted in Robin Super Chunky Easy Knit(it does exactly what it says on the tin!)on size 12mm needles!
I say odd shaped because it’s knitted in 4 quarters, i.e, half the sleeve and a front, the other half of the sleeve and back (and so on for the other half).
But it is knitting up pretty quick and I should have it done hopefully by the weekend so I can concentrate on the Tour de France.

Until then…Au Revoir!


4 thoughts on “ce week-end je ferai la plupart du temps…

  1. ohhhh new toy 🙂 and it does take great picce too . Tour de France KAL !!? must take a look at that , do you have to cycle to take part ? 🙂

  2. Yay for the new camera, congratulations! This macro-function is great to play with, isn’t it? I love those macro-shots of stitch patterns, they look like real art indeed! Have fun with it!

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