King of the Mountains!

The sock tutorial I found was for knitting 2 socks on one circular and although it wasn’t the challenge I had set out to conquer, it was still a challenge none-the-less and a pretty painless one too.

I bet Miller isn’t saying that though! I hope he does get his polka dot jersey after all that hard work.

Edit 9.16pm:

And he did! Did you see McEwan’s sprint? Where did he come from? Well done that man!

Onto that knitty thing: The needle I am using is slightly too big for this 4ply yarn but it’s not too bad, I’m not starting again, I’ll just learn from my very small mistake! That’s what challenges are about afterall, right?
I have turned the heel on one of the socks. There is one method I really can’t stand when knitting socks and that’s short rows…I have never, ever been able to make them look good, but I think I did ok this time. As things are going well, I shall probably have these socks finished before the 29th so I shall knit myself a pair, using the original 2 circulars (if I can find the right pattern, feel free anyone to point me in the right direction) in this:

Which is a combination of an acrylic yarn I’ve had in my stash for longer than I can remember and Wendy Pure cotton in a fantastic turquoise.

Thank you for all your comments and good luck to you all in the Polka Dot Group!


5 thoughts on “King of the Mountains!

  1. Wendy Knits does a generic toe up pattern which I found useful when I did toe ups, although I used the knitty magic cast on, I’ve finally worked out short rows and am beginning to see how useful they are for shoulders and curved shapes aswell as heels!keep on up the mountain!

  2. I love the yarn that you’ve picked out next. The two colors together look great! Way to go on the circulars, btw. I am quite impressed. I am intimidated by the method because when I tried it on a wrist-warmer, the turns had great big gaps (the stitches were too loose). Anyhoo, good job. šŸ™‚ Go Queen of the Mountains!

  3. Your socks are looking great!

    I knit my socks on dpn’s but I know you can find a good toe up pattern for circs. I LOVE toe up socks! I can do it, but I’m not so fond of the gussets and “pick up and knit” …

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