Socks, glorious socks.

I made good headway with the Tour De France socks yesterday evening whilst watching the highlights on ITV4. Another great race and thankfully no big crashes!

Photo from
Didn’t Cancellara do well? And how nice of Miller to share his polka dot jersey!

I’m now alternating between the green and the blue so I shall have both pairs finished at more or less the same time.

Tour de France socks.

“Husbeast” Merino socks.

J and I had a rare treat yesterday, as all the children are in school on a Tuesday afternoon, and instead of me disappearing to the knitting group, we decided to take a bike ride around the dock as the weather was dry.
We had a race to the top of the hill, which I won! hee hee!

We then had a quick cup of tea in peace before 3 o’clock came and we had to pick them all up from school. I always feel a bit like Cinderella having to leave the ball at midnight!


3 thoughts on “Socks, glorious socks.

  1. Thanks for the lovley comments you left on my blog 🙂 We will get to see each other one of these days I am certain 😉
    Great socks you are doing there following the Tour de France KAL ; sounds like a few of you are having fun following it ? Are you and J training for next year by any chance?:)
    I so remember that ‘got to get back by 3 o’clock ‘ feeling and I vivdly remeber going out on my bike too , although in my case it was a Triumph Tiger Cub . I still have my old push bike in the the shed gathering dust too !!!

  2. Come on Angie, J is taking a photo of you on yer bike! Do show us!!
    Nice to see your socks coming on, I usually have to be back by 11.45…I’m on nursery hours, until next September…although due to new government guidlines we’re getting an extra half hour in the morning session, a whole half hour….I could knit an extra row or two I suppose!

  3. Oh wow, your bike ride sounds like such a lot of fun, even more so with the absolutely stunning view that you’ve had! It’s so important taking a bit of time out together, and I’m glad that you could find this time for you guys!
    I love how your socks are coming along – fantastic colors too! And yay for the Tour de France, it’s fun to watch indeed!

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