And they’re off…

…the needles that is!
I have finally finished what I am calling the Tour de France socks.

Specifically designed for J to wear with his cycling shoes. Made with Wendy Merino 4ply, he says they are very comfy, though he’s not road tested them yet.

I have learned so much on this Tour de France KAL, apart from the knitting socks on circulars, in my search to find the perfect sock pattern for me, 2 socks at the same time is a definite! While the figure of eight cast on I love, short rows for the heel are a no-no!
All the knitty stuff aside, I have also learned the various rules of the race, the team structure, the points system….it’s been fantastic!

The guy I’ve been rooting for (any Australians sniggering at the moment?) Bradley Wiggins, (just coz he has great hair!)did well in the race yesterday.

I’m looking forward to todays race, this is what the polka dot jersey is for!

I have cast on my blue socks in the acrylic/cotton mix. I’ve decided to knit these in a japanese lace pattern (I’m going to make knee highs, not sure if I’ll have these finished by the 29th, we shall see) from one of my books.

Talking about my books, I had a good book day last week. I found these in The Works (a cheap bookshop)for £7 for both!

Then went into the charity shop next door and found this for £1!:

As most of you know, I love old patterns, but particularly the 70’s…look at this:

I love it!


3 thoughts on “And they’re off…

  1. OMG! one of my friends has asked if he can commission me to knit him a houble breadted military style cardigan!!! What a co-incidance, whi is this pattern by, It would be much easier to adapt one then write one 🙂

  2. Wow! The Tour de France socks look so great – so soft and cozy and warm, just perfect I’d say! The blue ones are also coming along beautifully – I totally love thisd yarn! -, and woah, all these knitting books, what a great haul! Those 70s patterns are certainly very inspiring – I can’t wait to see all the designs you’re going to make out of these books! Have fun!

  3. Love the cycle socks and look forward to hearing how they perform.
    Great book haul too. I get so excited when I find good knitting books in charity shops etc.

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