Meet the family! (TdF knittin’, bikes and welshness)

The bikes had a wash yesterday, so while they were all out (and it’s Tour de France week) I though I’d introduce them all to you.

These are J’s who takes his cycling very seriously and is also a volunteer for the council to look after local cycle paths.
For a reason completely unknown to me, he decided to name his bikes. This is Charlotte (church)

This is the road bike, Catherine (jenkins)

This is mine, Bryn (Terfel)

Little J’s bike is called Aled (jones) :

Have you noticed what’s happening here? Yes, they’re all named after Welsh opera singers…the problem we have now, is what to name Dylan’s bike…

any ideas?

On the knitty front…the Japanese lace socks are coming on very well. I have turned the heel on both socks using a gusset (not sure if there’s a proper name, but it’s the one where you knit a panel, then pick up the sts along the edges) a much tidier heel I find!

I might even get these finished before the end if the Tour de France. Therefore, on the day I cast off the socks, I shall name them after the rider who wins the Polka Dot Jersey for that stage.
And, if I remember to write down all the instructions, I’ll share the pattern with you too.

Just in case you haven’t seen enough photos today…We had a bit of a baking day yesterday for Dylan, as he has an end of term party to go to this morning and needed to take nibbles:

Treacle Scones:

And Welsh Cakes:

Iechyd da i pawb!


6 thoughts on “Meet the family! (TdF knittin’, bikes and welshness)

  1. Your socks look great, and I’m with Christina – those scones and Welsch cakes look just wonderful! Dumb question – what exactly is treacle?

  2. Wow, you don’t seem to have stopped! Have you posted every day this month because you’ve done loads of great stuff since I last read! Great socks and well done for the 2 socks 2 circs thing. I should try 2 on magic loop as I love that technique but just havent gotten round to that 2nd sock at the same time! You could call the bike Jeremy – my uncle is a great amateur singer who does opera and is of course Welsh! Good to see you having some ‘me time’ as well!

  3. hmmm, well Dylan’s bike is a difficult one, I don’t know any more welsh opera singers and I can see that my best idea of calling it Kiri…after Kiri te Kanewa, could be a problem with rugby fans, so I thought maybe Sian…would be agood name, after Sian Lloyd the weathergirl, either that or call Dylans bike Thomas after Dylan Thomas, or Zeta after Katherine Zeta Jones! Just afew ideas to mull over!!

  4. LOL and here’s me having naughty thoughts about ‘the village bike ‘!! Sorry !!. Can’t think of another famous Welsh opera singer at the top of my head apart from my brother who sings opera and won at the National one year 🙂
    Love the lacey socks and I can smell those Welsh cakes up here in the north , ohhhh thers lovely cariad 😉
    I just noticed on your fav music you have Seasick Steve, great isn’t he ?

  5. Your bikes look absolutely awesome, so speedy and cool – and what a fun idea to name them after opera singers! I’m sorry, but I’m at a loss thinking about another Welsh singer to name Dylan’s bike – but I have no doubts that you’ll be coming up with another great name! 😉
    Awwww – these scones and cakes look ever so yummy – just seeing them made my stomach howl out loud and I guess I’ll have to head over for the fridge right now to see what’s in there – unfortunately there won’t be any Welsh cakes ;( I’d absolutely love it if you’d be so kind to post the recipes of these so that we could try them too! *Hint hint* 😉

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