The "Soler" Sock is born…

After posting every other day for the Tour de Frnace KAL, it seems like ages since I posted last time.

I did say that I would name the socks after the rider who won the Polka Dot Jersey on the day I cast off.

The lucky guy is….(drum roll)…. Mauricio Soler!

I have been writing a pattern for the “Soler” Sock, the cure for SSS! I had a whole pair finished in 3 days it would have been 4 days had I actually made them knee length socks, but I thought, while I’m at it, I’d see if I could find the perfect cuff (for me) too.

Here is the Pattern for the sock.

I’ve not written many patterns for socks (and I have a terrible habit for forgetting to write things down) so if anyone does have a go, let me know if there are any problems.

I have also finished the never ending Husbeast socks!

These were knitted in Wendy Merino 4ply on size 3mm dpns (5)and used roughly around 70g

And the cycling socks have been tried, tested and approved. J says he couldn’t tell he was wearing them! Job well done I think.

I have a few other projects on the go. I am determined to knit something for myself and have started work on something I am designing myself, I’ll post pics another day,I’m also working on baby patterns for a craft stall I shall have at the “Fun Day” in August sometime.

Oh and the Robin Jacket which is being knitted for my LYS, which is half done now and although once you get started it knits quite quickly, it is so goddam boring!

But first…another pair of socks to find the perfect cuff!


3 thoughts on “The "Soler" Sock is born…

  1. You’re the Queen of the Socks, that’s for sure – you’re knitting them up so fast and beautifully! I absolutely love the “Soler” Socks – thanks so much for sharing the pattern, I will definitely try them out too! And the Husbeast Socks look great as well – this is a pattern that I’ve been wanting to do for ages, but so far never got round to it – with seeing your beautiful version of them now, I’m certainly inspired to cast on for them soon!
    Great work indeed!

  2. Wonderful to come across someone whose sock obsession excedes my own – lovely work – and great to see them being used for their intended purpose!

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