Just when you think you’ve got it all worked out….

Well, I am so disapointed, have you heard the news about Vinokourov? What I don’t get is how do they think they’re going to get away with it, they get tested all year round?
Photo from here

Still, it was a good race again today…I bet they’re all really feeling the pressure now they are so close to the end.

Me? I got injured on a rest day! Cleaning tins ready for recycling, there was a little “nick” on the edge which gave me quite a scratch:

The annoying bit is, it’s just where my needles rest on my hand when I’m knitting!
My intention was to say that like Vino, I’ll forget the pain and climb on up my mountain, but in the light of things…

My rest day consisted of some easy knitting:

This is the back of “Alexis”, a toddler’s coat from a Rowan magazine “Little Treasures”, designed by Lois Daykin. Patterns like these, I feel are the best, totally simple, but eye-catching and intricate.
Knitted in whatever cotton; cotton acrylic mixes or babmboo I have in my stash, on size 4 1/2 straight needles.

After two and half pairs of socks, a steep learning curve on circular knitting, I need you all to give me a final push up the last hill climb, which will be to get this chunky cardi done. I have half done as you can see here:

and 12 rows away from finishing the 3rd quarter, I can do this!

For all you Tour de France boffins: If you haven’t got this book yet, get it. I’ve not read it myself yet, but J assures me it’s a brilliant read.


4 thoughts on “Just when you think you’ve got it all worked out….

  1. Awch aern’t those cuts just the worst ?
    I love the colours you are using there and such a lovely knit too:)
    Nice looking cardi PLEASE get it done so I can see it 😉 What pattern are you using or have I missed the start ?

  2. Oh, your poor hand – and of course it’s right were it might affect your knitting!

    I am also wondering what pattern your cardigan is – I love the look of the fabric!

  3. I was upset at the news too, cos he was a favourite of mine 😦 Anyway, lovely looking toddler knit. I hope your hand is better soon. I want to read the book, as they gave it a good mention on eurosport!!

  4. I was really upset about Vino, and now this Rasmussen business is almost too much to take!:(

    Hope your injury heals soon…

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