OH YES! (meg ryan style)

I was hoping to have an FO for you but a strange feeling came over me, I had this urge to catalogue my stash….
It’s OK, I’m over it now! I don’t have a huge stash, but it did take up all my knitting time over 2 days.

Alexis isn’t far off now, 1/2 a sleeve and the hood. I’m dying to see it on Mavis.

Dylan bought me this for my birthday. This was the Dr (Peter Davidson) I watched as a child. J and I laughed our heads off! Dr Who is well known for it’s cheap set and effects, but to see the difference between now and then…fantastic!

I also had these. I’d seen Wild Swans in Tesco and uhmmed and ahhed over it for a while as it had been recommended to me, I’m looking forward to reading it but I am enjoying Hangover Square too much to just put it down.

I also had these…

I help friends out in their pub from time to time, it gets me out of the house and them out of sticky situations (like, no staff turning up) so to say thank you they bought me these chef’s clogs…I love ’em!

I also bought myself a few knitty books from Amazon, I’ve not had them yet (did they not know it was my birthday!?).

The very bestest treat was this…a UK site! Selling unusual (for me anyway) yarns. And because Nora keeps taunting me with her stainless steel silkyness…I just had to buy this.
I got the wool version because it has a better colour range (LOL). I really want some of that Shosenshi…I’ll have to wait for Santa I think.


To add to my great gifts, a wonderful cake made by J and decorated by Jas and Dyl.

**AND a booking for an arts and crafts session. For the benefit of local people who read my blog, it will take place on the
23rd of August from 11am to 2.30pm in the Carousel Family Centre in Monkton.
Everyone welcome.
I’m not going to say exactly what we shall be up too, but there will be a bit of jewelry making for kids of all ages..and some bubbles!**

As this is my 100th post, a little competition:
I would like you to find me a sock pattern, not just any sock pattern, but one you think is perfect for me.
Anyone can join in, even if you have just stumbled across my blog.

Just send me the link to the sock pattern and a reason why you think these are MY socks, to my e mail address which you will find on the top of the page on the right.
Type “My perfect sock” in the subject line.

The prize! I hear you all scream.

You have a choice. Either:

200g of Crystal White Banana Silk


100g of Banyan Neptune from Colinette

The closing date for the competition is the 5th of September.
I shall contact the winner via email on the 10th of September.

Have fun!


7 thoughts on “OH YES! (meg ryan style)

  1. nice birthday haul there 🙂 I love the clogs too. And Peter Davieson was “my” doctor as well!! Having a think about the sock patter, but I’m never very inventive 😉 and yummy looking cake.

  2. What great pressies … I loved Wild Swans when I read it – staggering to see how women’s lives shifted so drastically over that time period. I also really enjoyed Falling Leaves which had a similarish theme. Hope you enjoyed the cake and have a great craft session. You must tell us all about it – without breaking the anticipation of the participants!

  3. Yay, ok well it didn’t take me long to find the perfect pattern, its Jack Sparrows favourite socks..
    http://katydidknits.blogspot.com/2006/06/jack-sparrows-favorite-socks.html, I think you will like the skull and crossbones design, and you could incorporate it into any sock really. If I win I would like the Banyan Neptune, I have been eyeing up the shoshenshi too, we’re so similar, I was thinking of getting some for my first assessment piece, but it’s difficult to buy it without being able to feel it first! There’s so much on a skein well enough for 2 garments, not bad for £30, they’ve added some new colours too!

  4. Oh, how did I miss this?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I love the wool/SS and you’re right, the colours are better than the silk. I’ll be watching your progress with interest. 🙂

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