I Rock!


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I have been awarded this…uh…award (good job I’m not a speech writer isn’t it – just excuse me, my brain is mush – I’ll explain later), from Yoshimi. She reckons she’s a naughty blogger, I reckon she produces some wonderful knits and yarns and she is supportive and inspiring. The first time I posted on her blog was in response to some coffee and tea dyed yarn (back in April)and recently discovered we lived in the same city…quite close too at one point.

Cheers Yoshimi…you’re a star!

So now I have been left with the dilemma of who I choose…eeeek!

1. Dipsy Doodle – She is always so cheery, supportive, her blog is amazing and churns out socks like I do children!

2. Jo of Freestylefibre – Totally inspiring and yarn to dye for!

3. Mazzam Again – My SP10, who spoiled me so much during the swap.

4. Anne of Artis-Anne, again a very inspiring lady (and her daughter), supportive, produces amazing work and lives in the only part of the country that’s better than here!

can I have more than 4? No? Bugger….actually I think you all rock!


7 thoughts on “I Rock!

  1. Of course I don’t mean Knid of the types Roald Dahl taked about! I should have said kind! Will promise to try and catch up with all your shinanigans ASAP!

  2. ME ? !!! More like crock than rock LOL .Diolch cariad I am just glad to have met folks like yourself who most defo rock 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the award, and thanks so much for your nice words – wow, I feel so flattered now! Thank you ever so much!
    And oh, as for a perfect sock pattern – let’s see, I’ve found something beautiful lately, the Pulsation Socks – here’s the link:
    The pattern doesn’t seem too complicated but yet fun to do – and these socks look great, don’t you think?

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