Save me from my own hand…

arrrrggghhhh! I’m on a crafting overload at the moment, I have so much going on in my head that I can’t focus on one thing.

Firstly, Alexis had been put on the back burner for a few days as I wanted to knit something for my friend’s daughter who has just turned 1yr.

I searched through all my patterns (not that I find that a chore…I love looking through them all, imagining what yarn I have in my stash could be used to make each one…is that wrong? Am I going a bit insane? Please don’t answer that!)

Anyway, I decided on the Peapod Set found on the Knitting Daily site. I didn’t do the hat though, just the cardi and a little crocheted hairband…

Knitted in 170g Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, on size 4mm straight needles.
The pink stripe is Wendy 100% cotton.

It was really quick to knit, the back and fronts are knitting in one, and then sleeves sewn in.

Did you see that?

Yep, I can now crochet well enough to say…”I can crochet”. It all just suddenly clicked, and I was left thinking, well, why couldn’t I do this before?

So now my fibre possibilities have doubled, tripled even, how much can you do with a hook and yarn?

See the problem I’m having?

I still have this stainless steel thread going around my head too. Because just 14g is quite alot of money, what I do with it needs to be perfect. I suppose I could just do the kushi kushi scarf and have done with it. hmmmmmm

In the meantime…my wonderful anniversary present from my husband…

Ardbeg whiskey glass and water container (not that I would ever use it, the only thing you put in a whiskey, is another one!)
The glass has to sit on a leather ring as it has no bottom, that is, it’s not flat.

J also bought me some of these…

Indian sweets from here.

He had to go back to Leicester, sadly, to the funeral of a very good friend of ours, JimG. He will be greatly missed.

One of the things I do miss about Leics are the Indian restaurants, not the ones for students, I mean the ones for Indians. Beautiful food, wonderful flavours and the sweets…to die for!

Finally, the tank I’m working on is coming along…well, slowly.

right, I’m off. I’m doing a craft stall for Kavanagh Park fun day today (fun? it’s chucking it down!)


6 thoughts on “Save me from my own hand…

  1. WOW! You’ve been very busy, and I love the Peapod sweater – nice job!

    And crocheting really isn’t that hard once it clicks, is it? Faster than knitting, too…

  2. My goodness you have been busy, lovely little sweater and I bet you are so pleased re being able to crochet now too , yet another craft to make things with :). I must get down to doing some soon,love the belt. Good luck with the craft fair
    Check my blog you have an award 🙂

  3. Oooh, lots of lovely stuff! I particularly like the Peapod top and was thinking about that for my smallest grand-daughter… and I sympathise about the crafting overload. I lie awake thinking about cable cast-ons, for gawd’s sake!

    And thanks for your kind comment on my blog!

  4. you’ve been busy. I love the purple kids’ cardigan, it’s so cute. Those Indian sweets look yummy, I used to have a work colleague who brought in stuff once a month!!

  5. I know that ‘overload’ feeling! 🙂 Good to hear of your success with crochet – I am going to have a go soon too.

    The Peapod set is lovely. Nummy looking Indian sweets!

  6. My gosh, that Peapod sweater is so beautiful, it’s ever so cute – and yep, you sure CAN crochet, that’s for sure – I’m really impressed by it and a tiny bit jealous! You know, my crocheting attempts have been lousy so far plus they almost sent me over the edge with all the stupid mistakes I did – I would love to be able to do such gorgeous crocheting work like you’ve been doing lately!
    And awww, those Indian sweets look so yummy – and I love the glasses too!

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